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The Photavia Project was conceived over a decade ago and the original idea has morphed dramatically as time and technology has come and gone.

There have been many influences that have helped it develop into what it is today. Meeting new people with brilliant new skills, discovering new technologies, exploring dreams further than normal and just being aware of our own day-to-day incredibly complex lives.

Friends of PHOTAVIA, Related Topics and Information:

This page of our site features some resources and links that members of our team have found inspirational to them. The sites, videos and information below have influenced, inspired and helped us shape The Photavia Project. We realize there are some people and organizations out there that have done and are doing some amazing things in this world. Passionate risk takers and creative educators are our mentors – and we tip our collective hats to them. Our founder believes that “Anything is possible”. Cheers to that spirit.

Gabriel Andrews

We met Gabriel in 2013 and have been enamored with his unique “percussive guitar” style and techniques, so much that we asked him if he would like to be the soundtrack behind The Photavia Project. His playful, energetic compositions can go from a breakneck pace like in “Caffination” to more introspective and brooding works like in “Lucinda’s Lullaby”. The emerging Australian acoustic guitarist, took first prize in the 2014 Wilson Centre International Guitar Competition (Milwaukee, USA), and opened for Canadian Guitarist Jesse Cook in the evening showcase. In 2015, Gabriel completed a Master of Music (MM) at the Peck School of the Arts (PSOA), University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM), and worked as a tutor in The Bachelor of Music program during his studies. In October of the same year, he placed third in the Kentucky International Home of the Legends Thumb-picking Championship.

Billy Kirchen

Billy is an American composer, pianist, singer and special friend of The Photavia Project. He has been playing the piano and singing since the age of 5 and he has been composing music for man many years. Billy writes a wide range of music including: solo piano music, country, pop, dance instrumental and Broadway. Billy believes “music can bring peace, create joy, and most importantly uplift and inspire one’s soul and mind.” and those are exactly some of the basic ideas and goals behind PHOTAVIA. We are blessed and honored that Billy will support our project by creating and composing special pieces for our programs. Billy has won many awards for his work in the past, we are looking forward to experiencing his new work for PHOTAVIA.

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National Public Radio features some incredible work that is going on globally. The stories found at this link touch on the subject of photography and memory and some of the roots of Alzheimer’s disease as well as some concepts behind The Photavia Project.

The Foundation for Art & Healing

They do some very interesting work, and they produced the video below that is inspirational in that it talks about the importance of art in the form of treatment and new discoveries in how it can be used.

Alzheimer’s Association

The facts about Alzheimer’s are staggering. If it hasn’t affected anyone in your family, there is a very strong chance it will in the next 20 years. We believe that PHOTAVIA V-Clip Vignettes may help in treatment of this terrible disease.

Vance Brescia

What’s next? Singing for seniors: Vance shares “I sing for seniors with various levels of memory challenges in nursing home and, assisted living communities. Music brings light and joy into the lives of many of these special people who are otherwise withdrawn.

They may not know family members or remember what they did just minutes before, but when the music begins they smile, come alive and start singing along. They never forget the music!”

We are very proud to have met Vance, and we are looking forward to developing a relationship with him as his passion for working with people with cognitive challenges and Alzheimer’s patients, is in complete alignment with our objectives. We hope that in the very near future you may hear him on a PHOTAVIA Project