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Care Givers are always looking for activities that are new, engaging different and stimulating. So are the residents.

Coordinators at senior living communities looking for programs to remedy this should enlist PHOTAVIA. Our programming is quickly ramping up for clinical studies to improve interaction with residents with the goal to maintain mental function and increase stimulation, creating a much happier and healthier senior living environment. PHOTAVIA provides a distraction that moves residents away from anxiety in hopes to reduce the need for medication at that time. It may not reduce the need for medication with certain residents at that given time and day, but it still offers a form of stress-free experience.

PHOTAVIA can also be catered to both individuals and groups of residents viewing experiences as a recall/reminisce tool. The use of our programming in this format can increase engagement or the activity director or staff person working with the group can prompt engagement simply by pausing the play back. The initiator can provide questions to the viewer/viewers to promote conversation and recall hopefully having the viewer add to the story being presented.

Still skeptical? We are currently offering 30 Day Senior Living (SL) trial for PHOTAVIA. We also more than welcome participation in clinical studies for PHOTAVIA that aids better treatment at senior living centers. We invite you to view examples of PHOTOVIA: Your Visual Network, in action. CLICK HERE TO MEET PAT DURHAM